The goal was to create an immersive learning experience for teenagers.

Tosin Lasisi


Product Designer

Elearning Preview Screen
Elearning Preview Screen
Elearning Preview Screen

E-learning application for Teenagers.

My Role

Product Design

UX Research

The brief

“Knowledge, they say, is of no value unless you put it into practice.” (Anton Chekhov).

This Case study highlights the steps I took while designing the quiz feature in an educational app.



The Challenge

The challenge was to evoke a new way teens experience learning. I focused on establishing an all-encompassing brand experience and personality by designing a digital app that allows for a seamless, easy to use and intuitive learning experience for users.

Project Stack




The Solution

The solution was developed for teenagers, i.e kids who fall between the age range of 13 - 19. Subjects were customized based on the STEM concept (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The end-product features a design system that has a proper onboarding experience to submerge the user into what the solution brings, visually appealing screens and an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Design Process

Project Process Icon Steps Project Process Icon Steps

Discovery & User Research

The first step was to review every aspect of the product while listing the necessary components on paper. Adequate research then had to be done to understand the concept of the problem so solutions can then be proffered as necessary.

Part of the research carried out included finding out how competitors tackled similar problems. This provided valuable insights on issues still being faced by users, and areas that can be improved upon.

ELearning Color Palette ELearning Typography Palette


Design is a never ending process. At this stage, wireframes and sketches of the intended solutions were developed and constantly iterated upon


User testing of the prototypes of the solution was done to understand if the design actually tackled the defined problem.

Onboarding Screens

The screens displayed below aim to introduce users to the features the product offers. Users should get to experience what the app is about from the very first click.

Registration Screens

New users are then required to sign up to access the quiz feature. No bulky form fields are needed for this process. On signing up, a user is automatically logged into the application. For returning users, just the username and password fields are required to access the quiz feature.

Explore & Quiz Screens

The explore page outline the quiz subjects available using graphics that denote the subject and the subject name right under. The page also features a search placeholder at the top to easily search for any subject of choice.

On choosing a subject, the quiz page pops open with multichoice questions in a clear format. At the top right a counter is shown to display how many questions have been answered at a given time.

Submit & Result

On clicking the submit button, the user is graded and the scores are shown in a percentage format. The user can then choose between trying to tackle the quiz again or outrightly viewing the answers to the questions. User can also choose to share quiz results with friends to encourage them to also try the application out.