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Enterprise Roundtable

My Role

Lead Designer



Tools Used



The Brief

The Enterprise Roundtable (ERT) is a platform bringing together resources, tools, advisories, training, and information in the simplest possible form to support business people as they build, improve, or evolve their enterprise.

The Challenge

In 2020, the Expected Unemployment rate is at 33.5 %, this is up from the 23.1 % rate from last year and early this year. There are simply not enought jobs to cater for the teeming population.

Building entrepreneurship as a culture and creating access to information and innovations in building business is now more than ever, a necessity.

The Solution

We set out to develop the Enterprise roundtable platform, which features a website and a mobile application.

ERT involves the design of a user-friendly and intuitive platform that aligns the business objectives with the user needs.

Discovery & Research

The first phase of the project was to research extensively about the User stories and personas were drafted to define direction and understand the pain points of users. This informed the approach we used in tackling the challenges.


The first thing I did was to review every aspect of the product on paper by randomly fleshing out my ideas of what the platform will be. At this stage I focused deeply on the modular structure, navigation and components to be used across the platform.

Ert Ideation

Style Guide

The style direction (Colour) was greatly influenced by the existing brand’s identity. Other features such as typography, form types were chosen based on research. Inter was used as the preffered font as it is legible and won’t pose readability problems.

Ert Typography Ert Color Palette


Hi-fi designs were made after several iterations to determine what works. The end product features designs presented in an intuitive, visually appealing and simple to use manner.

Ert Prototype One Ert Prototype Two Ert Prototype Three Ert Prototype Four Ert Prototype Five


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