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My Role

Lead Designer



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The Brief

Edubanc is a Digital Banking Platform designed to improve education outcomes in the Nigerian society. The goals include;

  • Seeking strategic partnerships within and outside of Nigeria to enable investment flows into the sector
  • Provision of access to finance for Parents, Schools and other stakeholders.
  • Improvement of Teaching quality by creating an enabling environment for Teachers to grow and hone their skills.

The Challenge

The challenges in the educational sector include;

  • Lack of easy access to finance for Parents and Schools alike. Individuals tend to resort to traditional loan methods to get school funds.
  • Teachers do not have easy access to affordable training resources which could proportionately improve teacher quality.

The Solution

Digital solutions to these problems are currently novel and as such, Edubanc was conceived to improve the quality of education in Nigeria by leveraging on tech to tackle these general problems.

The platform features the design and development of a website and a mobile application that presents these incentives to the intended audience in an intuitive, and easy to use approach.

Discovery & Research

In the first phase of the project, I worked closely with a UX Researcher, User stories and personas were drafted to define direction and understand the pain points of users. This informed the approach we used in tackling the challenges.

Discovery ScreenShot


The first thing I did was to review every aspect of the product on paper by randomly fleshing out my ideas of what the platform will be. At this stage I focused deeply on the modular structure, navigation and components to be used across the platform.

Ideation ScreenShot

Style Guide

The style direction (Colour) was greatly influenced by the existing brand’s identity. Other features such as typography, form types were chosen based on research. Gilroy was used as the preffered font as it is legible and won’t pose readability problems.

Edubanc Style Guide


Hi-fi designs were made after several iterations to determine what works. The end product features both mobile and website designs presented in an intuitive, visually appealing and simple to use manner.

Edubanc Prototype One Edubanc Prototype Two
Edubanc Split First Prototype Edubanc Split Second Prototype
Edubanc Prototype Three Edubanc Prototype Four Edubanc Prototype Five

Key Take-Aways

The mvp release of Edubanc is currently informing our decisions as regards what people love and what needs improvement. Design is a continuous process and the experience of the platform will constantly be iterated upon to ensure the user journey is satisfactory, and ultimately, the core objectives of the brand are being achieved.