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HI, MY NAME IS TOSIN LASISI An illustrated svg animation for Tosin Lasisi, the Product Designer.

I am an enthusiastic Product designer who enjoys transforming problems into scalable solutions.

I combine user research, wireframing and visual design to create intuitive, easy to use and user-centric digital experiences.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography. You can find some of my shots here.

Recent Projects An illustrated and animated vector for Recent Projects Heading

E-learning Project Screen

E-learning application for teenagers

This project was developed to make the online learning experience for teenagers relatively smooth and easy to use. In this project, subjects under the STEM disciplines are the major content of study.

As a product designer, I was solely responsible for the design of the mobile experience. Click the button below to view the case study.

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PiggyFarm is an investment platform that promises good returns on agricultural products.

As the sole product designer, I created the experience for both individual users and the Administrator of the platform.

Click the button below to view the case study.

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E-learning Project Screen
Ed-Invest Project Screen


Ed-Invest is an investment platform that offers a convenient and risk-free way to manage wealth. Being driven by the will to impact the society, the platform also offers the opportunity to donate charitably towards capacity building and lifestyle development for Nigerian teachers.

For this project, I worked closely in a team to craft the digital experience of the platform. View how we did it below.

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Career My Career so far

Sterling Bank

Product Designer

October 2019 - Present

Alzheimer's Disease Foundation

Creative Director

September 2018 - August 2019

StayBusy NG

Content Writer, Designer

October 2017 - 2019


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